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High Polish



Shows scratches easily

Requires maintenance



Hides scratches better than polish

Show scratches more easily than stone

Requires maintenance


Hides scratches the best

Unique texture

Good for active lifestyles


The look of a wedding band has partly to do with the type of metal and the shape of the ring but also depends on the finish you choose for the metal. With engagement rings and wedding bands, you have several finish options to choose from. Here at eWedding Bands we offer three classic styles to create the look you want.

Custom Finish

High Polish/Shiny Finish (Free):

A high polish finish reflects light for a shiny and timeless look. This is by far the most common finish for both engagement and wedding rings. It creates a classic glossy surface that is smooth and bright.

The drawback to the high polish finish is that scratches are more noticeable, so you may need more regular polishing to keep it looking shiny.

Custom Finish

Brushed/Satin Finish ($10):

Brush, also referred to as satin, is a happy medium between polish and stone finishes. It retains a slight shimmer but has a more matte surface than the high polish. The surface will also have slight lines that give it a paintbrush-style texture. This finish is much more contemporary than the high polish finish, making it a great choice for modern rings.

The brush finish also hides scratches better than the high polish while maintaining some shine.

Custom Finish

Stone Finish ($10):

On the other end of the spectrum from high polish you have stone. This rugged finish mimics the surface of a natural stone with a rough texture. Because of this roughness, it’s by far the best finish for hiding scratches, which makes it great for more active lifestyles.

Every finish has its unique charms and benefits, so you can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. Shop our different rings with your favorite finish today, or contact us with any questions.