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Your wedding anniversary is a time to remember your commitment to your spouse. And what better way to renew that commitment than with a stunning anniversary ring. An anniversary ring is a ring that you can gift your spouse to upgrade or add to their engagement or wedding ring.

Follow this guide to make the most out of your anniversary gift.

When to Give an Anniversary Ring

You can give your spouse an anniversary ring on any anniversary you want. However, many people choose to do it on milestone anniversaries (5, 10, 20, etc.). Especially as more years pass, you may want to celebrate your love with a luxurious ring. You could even use an anniversary ring in a ceremony to renew your vows.

Really it’s up to you, but you can get some fun ideas for rings when you choose to do an anniversary ring on a round year.

The Gem or Metal for Each Anniversary

Like we said, the anniversary you choose is up to you, but if you want to follow with tradition, you can celebrate with specific gems or metals. Here are the traditional gem/metal ideas for the milestone anniversaries:

  • First: Gold
  • Fifth: Sapphire
  • Tenth: Diamond
  • Fifteenth: Ruby
  • Twentieth: Emerald
  • Twenty-fifth: Silver jubilee
  • Thirtieth: Pearl jubilee
  • Fortieth: Ruby
  • Fiftieth: Golden jubilee

Following this schedule is definitely not required, and if you want to give your spouse a ruby ring on your twenty-third anniversary, we won’t judge. But these traditions give you fun ideas and are filled with meaningful symbolism that will ensure your spouse loves the ring.

How to Personalize the Ring

Even if you choose to follow the gem and metal traditions for anniversary rings, you still have plenty of options for customization. An anniversary ring is a great spot for a meaningful inscription. You can also choose to add intricate designs or patterns on the band of the ring.

With the anniversary ring, you can also choose a variety of ring materials to go with whatever gem you choose. You can create a romantic design with ruby and rose gold or make a modern look with sapphire and titanium.

However, you should consider how your spouse will wear the ring. If they wear it on a different finger or hand than their wedding jewelry, or if the ring replaces their engagement or wedding ring, you can choose whatever colors and style you want. But if they wear the anniversary ring with their wedding jewelry, you may want to make the ring match their other rings.

Create a unique anniversary ring for your spouse today with our custom ring services. Or shop our selection of rings to find one you love.