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First things first, ceramic rings are not made from the same material as ceramic dishes. This new jewelry option is taking the market by storm with its wide range of appealing qualities and stylish colors. If you want to learn more about this new material, take a look at some of the most important things to know about ceramic wedding bands.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

We’ve all likely had our own mishaps with a ceramic dish at one point, so we know how easily those things will break. So it may be difficult to believe that a ceramic ring is one of the strongest wedding ring materials, but it’s true. Ceramic, or titanium carbide, is an organic, non-metallic material that is heated to extreme temperatures to create a hard, non-brittle ring material.

Ceramic is a completely unique option. First of all, it’s not metal, unlike every other ring option besides silicone. Second, thanks to its non-metallic qualities, you can find it in a variety of color options (without being plated). It’s perfect for unique individuals who want something different with their wedding rings. You can find ceramic wedding rings in white, black, brown, pink, and a wide range of other options.

Plus, since the entire ring is that color, you don’t have to worry about a different color showing through if the ring is ever scratched.

Understanding the Qualities of Ceramic

Like we mentioned, ceramic is an incredibly durable ring option, possibly even the most durable ring option (often above even tungsten). It can withstand scratches and dings from most everything, making it a great option for those with active jobs or lifestyles.

Thanks to the fact that ceramic is non-metallic, it also makes a perfect ring choice for those with any metal allergy. So whether you’re allergic to gold, silver, or nickel, ceramic is a safe choice.

You’ll also love the affordable aspect of ceramic rings. Since ceramic isn’t a precious metal (or a metal at all for that matter), it is less expensive than other luxury rings.

Keep in mind that since ceramic is so durable, it isn’t a good choice if you want a gem-studded band or intricate details carved into your ring. To balance this aspect, though, many jewelers offer ceramic rings with a detailed inlay from another material. For example, you can find tough ceramic rings with ornate wooden detailing in the center.

Ceramic is a melting pot of great ring qualities. Browse our options today to find a ceramic wedding ring you love.