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As the jewelry market expands, buyers have more and more options for wedding bands. You no longer have to choose between gold and silver (even though those are still great options). This increase in metal choices gives you the chance to choose a ring that reflects your personal style as well as maintains the highest standards of quality.

At eWedding Bands, we want you to take a chance on cobalt wedding rings. Learn more about this trendy metal and why you should choose it for your ring.

Cobalt Offers Luxury Without the Hefty Price Tag

If you have the option for a luxurious-style ring at a fraction of the cost, why would you say no? Cobalt looks the most like white gold out of any other metal, which means you can enjoy the shine and lustrousness that rhodium-plated gold offers without paying the full price of gold. Cobalt is a more affordable option (though not quite as affordable as tungsten and titanium).

Plus, whereas white gold requires a coating to achieve its shine, cobalt gives you a high level of brilliance naturally. That means that you can skip the trips to the jewelry for regular replating.

Cobalt also has a similar weight to white gold, which means it’s comfortable for long-term wear.

Cobalt Is More Durable Than Other Options

Unlike the softer metals like gold and silver, cobalt gives you better durability and scratch resistance. You can wear it every day and not have to worry about scratches or dings. However, its durability doesn’t make it brittle like tungsten, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking or shattering.

Keep in mind, though, that due to cobalt’s superior strength, it cannot be resized.

Cobalt’s strength also makes it a low-maintenance choice for a ring, although it can be scratched. You may have to take it in for polishing occasionally but not as often as gold.

Cobalt Is Great for Everyone

For those who love the white color of white gold, cobalt makes an excellent option. But cobalt isn’t limited to its classic white sheen. You can also find cobalt in black, which many people love because of its subtle elegance and class.

Many cobalt ring varieties are hypoallergenic as well. Although if you have nickel allergies, you will need to verify what the alloy is made of before you commit to a cobalt ring.

Now that you know how great cobalt is, take a look at the cobalt wedding bands we offer. Then order yours today.