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Jewelry Metals and Materials Guide

When you begin your search for the perfect engagement or wedding ring, you will likely be overwhelmed with all the options you have, from metal to gem to detailing. Rather than make a hasty decision about the material for your ring, learn more about each of the options you have and the benefits they offer.


The number one option for engagement and wedding rings has been gold for a long time. When you think of gold wedding rings, you likely think of a simple yellow band. However, gold has many more options available.

When you choose gold as your metal, you have a choice between yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Even within these options, you can opt for 10-, 14-, or 18-karat gold.

Yellow gold offers a classic golden hue that makes for a traditional style. For a chic look, you can choose white gold, which has a white or silver color that pairs well with every gem. If you want to make an impression and join the trend, rose gold, a pinkish metal, is the best option.

White Metals

White is a popular metal color because of its sleek look and easy-to-match quality. However, each white metal has unique benefits to offer.

Palladium and platinum are known for their durability and purity. They are both rare and pure metals, which means they are also hypoallergenic.

Silver and cobalt are two more options for pure white rings. While silver is a classic choice much like gold, cobalt is a relatively new metal option and the closest option to white gold but with increased durability.

If you want unbeatable strength or a variety of different colors, options like titanium, tungsten, ceramic, and silicone are your best bet. Tungsten, ceramic, and titanium are the most durable metal options for your ring. And silicone bands give you variety and comfort for everyday wear. These options also come in a variety of colors. While the main choice for tungsten and titanium is often white, you can also find colorful options.

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Each of these metal options comes with unique characteristics and advantages. The best way to make an informed decision is to learn about each option before you buy. Visit our corresponding info pages for each engagement ring metal so you can feel confident when you choose the one for your ring.

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