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Moissanite has taken the jewelry market by storm, providing a dazzling and affordable alternative to diamonds. A moissanite engagement ring is a great option to consider if you love the clear brilliance of diamonds but want a unique ring or a less expensive one. At eWedding Bands, our moissanite rings give you quality options to choose from.

What Does Moissanite Offer?

The moissanite gems that are most commonly used in wedding jewelry are lab-created. And while moissanite can be comparable to diamond in color, it differs in most every other way. However, it has plenty to offer.


On Mohs Scale of Hardness, diamonds rank at the very top with a perfect 10. Moissanite follows close behind at 9.25, which means it is an extremely durable and strong gem. This makes it a great option for everyday jewelry. You’ll feel confident that your ring can withstand the minor bumps and scratches that it experiences.


Moissanite is even more brilliant than a diamond if you can believe it. However, the brilliance is distinct. Moissanite puts off a rainbow-type shine that reflects and sparkles no matter where it is. It is a great choice for those who want a dazzling gem for their ring.


As with any lab-created gem, lab-grown moissanite offers a sustainable and eco-friendly ring option. Natural moissanite is incredibly rare, so with manufactured moissanite, you have more availability and better pricing. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the often harmful effects of mining.


One of the things buyers love most about moissanite is getting all these incredible benefits at a reasonable price. For a moissanite gem you can expect to pay a fraction of what you would for a diamond of a similar size and shape.


Of course, when you choose moissanite, your options for customization are endless. They can be shaped into all the popular styles, including round cut, square, princess, and oval. Plus, their colorless look lets them pair seamless with a number of different metal choices.

How Do You Get Started?

The process for choosing a moissanite ring is simple. Unlike with diamonds, you don’t have as many quality factors to consider. Moissanite is judged only by size and shape. This streamlines the buying process and lets you get your ring faster.

If you want to learn more about moissanite or get started on a custom moissanite engagement ring, contact us today!