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Many brides want to explore different options when it comes to their engagement ring. That’s why colored diamonds and other precious gems have become a popular choice for a stunning center gem. And believe us, you have plenty of gems to choose from. A gem that is rising in popularity is morganite. Learn more about this romantic gem and why so many brides have fallen in love with it.

The Rise of Colored Gems

Diamonds have ruled the jewelry market for centuries, but during the 1920s, the Art Deco style swept the market and introduced a new trend: colored center stones. It was common to see emeralds, sapphires, and rubies in place of diamonds. After a dormant period, the colored gem trend reemerged in the 80s with a stunning sapphire ring given to Princess Diana. That same ring caused another resurgence when it was given to Kate Middleton.

Today, more and more people opt out of the diamond tradition in favor of a colorful alternative. Because of its light orange to pink hues, morganite provides a slightly colorful option for those who want some color but don’t want the color to be the main focus of their ring. That’s why so many brides choose morganite over traditional diamonds or other precious gems.

The Reasons Why Morganite Is so Popular

Morganite is a great alternative for a regular diamond as well as pink diamonds and pink sapphires. Its pale color is romantic and subtle. Morganite also is a durable option for your engagement ring, meaning you’ll feel confident wearing it in your daily activities (although it is not quite as durable as diamonds, so you should have some extra care).

People also love the variety of options they have with morganite. Because it comes in so many shades, you can find one that is the exact color you want, whether that’s a pinkish-orange or a soft pink hue.

To top it all off, morganite is a more affordable option compared to diamond, even though it is considered a rare gem. This means you get endless beauty without breaking the bank. Its rarity also guarantees that you’ll have a stand-out ring that will make you feel like one of a kind.

Keep in mind that proper care is crucial with a morganite ring. At eWedding Bands we can help you choose the perfect morganite engagement ring and keep it looking great for decades. Contact us today to get started.