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A stand-out metal choice for engagement and wedding rings is platinum. This rare metal is used in many different fields, from electronics to medical. But when made into fine jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this luxurious option. Here’s a few things to know about platinum if you’re considering a platinum engagement ring or wedding band.

It’s Pure

Many jewelry metals are alloys, meaning they are mixed with other metals to add benefits or strength. For example, most gold engagement rings are a mix of gold and a stronger metal so that the jewelry resists scratches or dents. However, platinum is a pure metal. On its own it is already durable, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, and white. So when used in fine jewelry, it is left in its natural state.

It’s Rare

Almost 14 times more gold than platinum is mined each year. That’s what makes platinum a luxurious and rare option for your engagement and wedding jewelry. When you choose a rare metal like platinum, you’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind ring that will maintain its value better than more common metal options. Keep in mind though that its rarity makes it a more expensive metal choice than other options.

It’s Low Maintenance

Because platinum is such a durable metal, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or worry to stay in good shape. Where other white metals need a regular coating to keep their white lustrousness, platinum will keep its shine for a lifetime. You don’t need to worry about replating it or cleaning.

However, keep in mind that platinum can develop a patina, which is a natural coating. Depending on your preferences, you can leave this patina for a vintage look or have it buffed off.

It’s Versatile

The white color of platinum makes it a versatile ring option. You can pair this material with other metals or a variety of gem colors. It also looks great on most every skin tone and with any clothing options. You’ll never have to worry about taking off your ring to keep it matched with your outfit.

It’s Dense

Platinum is a high-quality ring choice. And it shows. It is a dense option that makes you feel confident and secure in your ring. Plus it doesn’t lose metal or weight if it is damaged. The metal is simply displaced, which means it will stay whole forever. You won’t regret choosing platinum for your wedding band. Contact eWedding Bands to see all our platinum wedding band and engagement ring choices.