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Before you buy a ring, you need to know your ring size. A too-tight ring will cut off circulation and make your finger hurt. A too-loose ring will slide around and run the risk of falling off.

To ensure you get an accurate fit for your ring, follow this guide.

Measure Your Finger Multiple Times

Many people don’t realize that their fingers can change size throughout the day. That means your ring will fit differently in the morning than it does in the afternoon. Due to this, it’s important that you measure your finger at multiple times to get a better idea of which size will feel the most comfortable throughout the day.

Toward the end of the day is when your finger is usually at its truest size.

Your finger size will also depend on the temperature of your surroundings. Cold fingers will be smaller than hot ones. Take into account what temperature your fingers are normally.

Think About Your Knuckle Size

Many people think that the ring size depends on knuckle size, but this is not the case. A ring will usually slide over the knuckle with little problem but may take longer to slide off. This is completely normal and is NOT a sign that your ring is too small.

However, if your knuckles are significantly larger than your finger below, you may need to take the knuckle size into account to ensure your ring will be able to fit over the knuckle.

Consider Ring Width

The wider the ring, the smaller it fits, so if you choose a wide, 7mm or 8mm ring, for example, you may need to size up—1/4 size for comfort fit and 1/2 size for non-comfort fit.

If you still aren’t sure what size to choose, opt for a smaller size. More sizing mistakes happen by sizing too large than too small.

Give It Time

Once you get your ring, don’t be too worried if it doesn’t fit perfectly the first time you wear it. Give it a couple days for your finger to adjust, and monitor how the ring fits at different times of the day. After a couple days, if it still feels uncomfortable, send it back for free resizing within 30 days.

The perfect ring can be quickly ruined if you don’t get the right size. If you want to make sure you get an accurate ring measurement, request a ring sizer from our site. We’ll ship the simple sizer to you, and you can determine the size you need for your ring.