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The most recent trend in jewelry metal is the lovely rose gold. As an alloy of gold and copper, this pinkish metal is considered a romantic choice for engagement rings and wedding ring, for men and women alike. Rose gold has a lot to offer. So if you’re considering a rose gold engagement ring, learn about all the benefits you could enjoy.

Benefits of Rose Gold

One of the best benefits of rose gold is that it’s trendy and modern, so if you love to be on the cutting edge of jewelry trends, rose gold is the obvious choice. On top of its fashion value, you can also enjoy plenty of other benefits.


Rose gold is a good middle option for luxury metals. Since it’s gold, it is valuable and elegant. But it is much more affordable than some of the rare metal options like platinum.

On top of its affordable value, it also allows you to choose a more affordable gem for the ring setting. Diamonds, specifically come in a range of colors, and lower-quality diamonds often have a yellow tint to them. White metals accentuate the yellow tint, causing the ring to look less pristine. Rose gold, however, complements the yellow for a warm tone.

This means that you can choose a more affordable diamond to go with your rose gold ring.


Rose gold is the perfect hue to match a number of skin tones. This makes it a great choice for anyone. Plus, it looks great with a number of colorless and colored gemstones (though it won’t match every colored gem, so be careful).


While rose gold is a newer trend, it is still considered a romantic and vintage-looking style. Its red tones are the perfect symbol for the romance between a couple, which means they make the perfect wedding jewelry.

Rose Gold Compared to Other Options

All gold that is used in wedding jewelry is mixed with other metals to make sure it is strong enough for everyday wear. Rose gold is mixed with copper, which makes it the most durable gold option. You won’t have to worry as much about scratches or dings.

Rose gold also skips the rhodium plating of white gold, giving you a low-maintenance metal for your ring.

If you want to learn more about why to choose a rose gold wedding ring, get in touch with us today. Or go ahead and start browsing all our ring options to see what eWedding Bands has to offer.