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If you like all the traditional wedding ring options but haven’t found one that really suits your fancy, consider silicone. Silicone is a plastic polymer that has countless industrial and commercial uses. But when you use it as a wedding ring material, you take a simple material and turn it into a comfortable band you can wear all day long.

Why Is Silicone So Popular?

You have likely seen a lot of people with a silicone wedding band, so why is this becoming such a popular choice? The biggest reason is comfort. Silicone bands are flexible and soft, especially when compared to rigid metal. So even though metal rings are still the main choice, silicone bands are quickly becoming a viable option.

When you wear the flexible silicone band, you will be able to do any activity with ease. Exercise, construction, sports, mechanics—all these are much easier to do with the flexibility this band offers. You can also keep your ring safe from damage. You don’t have to worry about scratches or damage with a silicone ring like you would with a metal one.

Another great thing about silicone is that it is affordable. That means that you don’t even have to choose between silicone and metal wedding bands. Many people opt for both. You can enjoy a luxurious metal band for more formal occasions and stick with a silicone band for everyday wear. Or you can choose to purchase only a silicone band instead of a metal option.

What Options Do You Have?

While plain silicone bands are all the rage, you actually have another option. At eWedding Bands, we combine the functionality of silicone with the style of metal to create a customizable metal ring with silicone inlay.

You can choose the type of metal that you want, how many inlays you want, and which colors you like, and we’ll send you a ring that allows you to change the inner colors as often as you like.

You may still opt to buy an additional pure silicone band to wear for physical activities, but this interchangeable ring option lets you continually customize and personalize your ring. You can make the colors match your favorite sports team or a wedding outfit. You can change the color depending on the season or to fit your mood that day. You have endless options.

Whichever silicone style you like best, start shopping our options at eWedding Bands to find the silicone band that you want.