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Silver and gold are such popular metals that they have their own song—and with good reason. While gold is more common to use in engagement and wedding rings, silver still makes its mark. It has plenty of benefits to bring to the table, and any bride or groom is sure to be happy with this pick. Learn more about silver and why it could be the best choice for your ring.

Benefits of Silver

Much like gold, silver is too soft to be used in jewelry. So it is mixed with copper or another metal to create an alloy called sterling silver. This combines the benefits of different metals to give you a ring you’ll love.


Silver isn’t labeled a precious metal for nothing. It is a lustrous metal option. It has a soft glow and stunning brilliance that make it look elegant and luxurious. In fact, no other white metal has quite the same look as sterling silver.

Thanks to silver’s unbeatable appearance, you can enjoy a great-looking ring while also creating a different look, as many people choose gold over silver.


While sterling silver is still a softer metal, it has enough strength to resist everyday wear and tear. You may need to simply polish or buff it every few years to keep it in mint condition.

Many people are wary of silver because of the fact that silver tarnishes, creating a rustic patina. However, you can choose to have your silver ring plated with a thin layer of rhodium, which will allow the silver to resist tarnishing.

Thanks to the copper and rhodium additions to silver, sterling silver is a durable and viable option for everyday jewelry.


Something many couples love about silver is how affordable it is. It is a precious metal but can be purchased for a much lower price than other precious metals like gold. This makes it a great choice for quality and cost.


Of course, like all white metals, silver makes an excellent choice for a versatile ring. The white color of silver matches a plethora of colors and hues, so you can pair it with your choice of gems or other metals. It will also look great with a variety of clothing and jewelry options.

No matter what is the selling point for you, there’s no denying that sterling silver is a great choice for wedding jewelry. Browse our silver wedding rings today, or contact us to create a custom ring.