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If your priority for your wedding ring metal is strength, titanium beats most of the other options. The only stronger options you have are tungsten and ceramic. When you choose a titanium wedding band, you can see for yourself how tough these rings really are. Here’s what to expect for your titanium ring.

What to Expect From a Titanium Ring

So we’ve established that titanium is a durable ring option, but what else does it offer? Answer: a lot. Titanium is a happy medium between the luxurious softer rings like gold and the super strong metals like tungsten and ceramic. That means it gives you the best of both worlds.

Titanium is strong, stronger than steel, but because it is lower on the hardness scale than tungsten, it isn’t as brittle as tungsten. So your ring will resist scratches and dings but is less prone to crack or shatter if impacted.

Titanium’s durability, however, does give you long-lasting quality. It resists scratches, dings, and corrosion, so it will stay smooth for a long time. And if it does eventually begin to show its years of wear, a quick polish will restore its shine.

You may worry that all that strength will make your titanium ring heavy and uncomfortable, but nothing could be further than the truth. In this titanium hits the sweet spot once again with incredible strength and comfortable wear. It is lighter than gold, making it easy to wear for long periods of time. You won’t even notice the ring is there.

Titanium is also a hypoallergenic material, so it’s good for every ring wearer. And to top it all off, titanium is one of the most affordable wedding ring options. You can check all your boxes with titanium rings because they have it all.

What to Expect When Shopping for Titanium

To make sure you enjoy all the benefits of titanium, most jewelers will use aircraft-grade titanium. This grade ensures that your titanium ring is a purer quality of titanium and will give you all the durability benefits mentioned here.

As you shop, also keep in mind that titanium, which is typically found in gunmetal gray, can also be altered to be a pitch black. This gives it a great contrast if you want to include light-colored gems or to give the ring a subtle elegance.

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