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While a wedding band usually isn’t as bold as an engagement ring, it can still have plenty of unique personality and flare. If you’re not quite sure where to begin on your journey to the right wedding ring, this guide is the perfect place to start. Let us help you consider a few different aspects of wedding rings.

What Will the Ring Be Made Of?

The first step to choosing a ring that will feel good on your finger for long periods of time is deciding what type of material you want. Wedding rings can be made from a variety of metals as well as ceramic and silicone, giving you plenty of choices. Since wedding rings are meant to be subtler and more comfortable, the type of material you choose is important.

Many metals offer great durability, but sometimes that means a heavier ring or a ring that is brittle. You can weigh your options and find the material that offers good durability, classic shine, and long-lasting comfort. You can even choose two rings: one that is formal and one for everyday wear.

What Shape Will the Ring Be?

Wedding rings are usually wider than engagement rings; however, the sizes range from 1mm to 12mm, meaning you can pick the width that works for your finger. On top of width, you need to determine the style or shape of the ring. Many modern wedding ring shoppers opt for a flat band with a comfort fit interior. Others like the classic domed shape.

Each shape offers a different level of comfort and a different aesthetic. You can learn more about each ring style under the Wedding and Anniversary section of the menu.

How Will the Ring Look?

Wedding rings are meant to be worn for your whole life, so many people want to make them special for their significant others. And with wedding bands, you have endless options for customization. Many people add inscriptions or other details to personalize the ring. Others choose colored inlays or accent gems.

Of course, you may want to choose a wedding ring to match an engagement ring in style, color, and design.

Whatever type of wedding ring you decide on, eWedding Bands has the option you’ll love. If you want to design a wedding ring from scratch, we’re happy to help with that as well.

Shop our wedding ring options, or reach out to us today with your custom ring designs.