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Nothing is more classic than a simple yellow gold wedding band. Even today, many brides and grooms choose yellow gold for engagement and wedding rings. Gold has been a valuable metal for millenia, and it continues to make its mark in the jewelry market.

To learn more about this precious metal, read about yellow gold, its history, and its use in jewelry today.

A Brief History of Gold

Gold was one of the first widely known metals in society. Its luster and shine has intrigued humans for generations. Of course, gold has also been responsible for major events in history, such as the Gold Rush, which sparked a huge migration to the western United States.

Pure gold has been used in currency in countless societies over history. And even today, people are on the hunt for gold.

Because of gold’s status, it makes an obvious choice for jewelry, specifically engagement and wedding rings. Its rare and valuable status symbolizes devotion and commitment.

A Guide to Gold Rings

While pure gold is a valuable metal, it is far too soft to be used in everyday jewelry. That’s why jewelers have created gold alloys to use for rings to keep them luxurious but durable. Gold alloys are labeled by the term karat (K). With wedding jewelry, you’ll find 10K, 14K, and 18K gold. The numbers before karat indicate how many parts of gold are included out of 24.

Each level of gold jewelry has its own benefits. 18K gold is the most luxurious gold option. 14K is luxurious but more durable than the higher gold content alloy. 10K gold is the hardest and most affordable option.

In each instance, the yellow gold is mixed with either zinc or copper to create a more durable option that retains gold’s signature yellow color.


Thanks to the natural color of yellow gold, it doesn’t require much maintenance. It doesn’t need to be replated like white gold, but it will still need an occasional buff and polish to keep its smooth surface. Gold is a soft metal, which means it’s prone to scratches and dents. So be sure to remove your ring for more rigorous activities.

Find the Perfect Gold Ring

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