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Give Your Ring Meaning

With a simple sparkling birthstone on the inside of your band, you can add significance to your ring and make it a sentimental piece you’ll cherish forever. Birthstones come in a variety of colors, from April’s colorless diamond to January’s rich-red garnet. Each color represents a different month and can have a host of meanings.


The simple and subtle addition of a colored gem adds depth and sentiment to your already stunning ring. And it gives you the chance to keep a constant reminder of the people and causes that are most important to you.


The stone you choose can be the birthstone of a spouse, sibling, parent, child, friend, or pet. Or you can choose a color that represents something special in your life.


Choose a pink stone to remind you of your fight against breast cancer or go with colors to represent your heritage.

Whatever stone you choose, it will make your ring sentimental, one of a kind, and all your own.


Choose the Right Style

The meaning you choose to include in your ring is a great start. But you can make it even more sentimental when you choose the type of stone and the placement of it. Many birthstones come in a variety of colors, which means even if you’ve chosen the color, you may still have options for stone type. You can choose a stone for its strength, brilliance, or cost.


After you’ve chosen the gem, decide where you want your subtle reminder. Adding the stone to the inside of the band gives it a hidden meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy daily. Adding it to the outside shares your meaning with the world. You can also include multiple stones to add even more significance and sentimental value.


Your ring can be designed with your style and personality in mind, and with added meaning, you’ll be sure to cherish the piece for your whole life.


Ask us about adding birthstones into your favorite ring design today!

Birthstones by Month

Stone TypeBirthstone MonthMeaning
stone-image-chart-1GarnetJanuaryProtection, Guidance
stone-image-chart-1AquamarineMarchCreativity, Self-Expression
stone-image-chart-1DiamondAprilLove, Strength
stone-image-chart-1EmeraldMayGood Fortune, Growth
stone-image-chart-1AlexandriteJuneHealth, Adaptability
stone-image-chart-1RubyJulyNobility, Purity, Passion
stone-image-chart-1PeridotAugustStrength, Peace
stone-image-chart-1SapphireSeptemberPurity, Wisdom, Faith, Serenity
stone-image-chart-1TourmalineOctoberConfidence, Compassion, Strength
stone-image-chart-1CitrineNovemberIntellect, Protection
stone-image-chart-1TopazNovemberHealth, Intelligence, Beauty
stone-image-chart-1TanzaniteDecemberPerception, Calm
stone-image-chart-1ZirconDecemberWealth, Health
stone-image-chart-1Moissanite-Love, Strength

Gemstones Colors and Significance

Confidence, Honesty, Loyalty, Reliability, Water
Blue and Purple
Suicide Prevention
Blue and White
US Air Force, Ocean conservation, UNICEF
Blue and Gold
US Navy
Compromise, Maturity, Neutrality, Intellect
Hope, Growth, Prosperity, Generosity, Earth
Green and Purple
Disability Rights
Green,Red,and White
Mexico Flag
Green and White
Mental Health Awareness
Enthusiasm, Spontaneity, Creativity, Warmth
Love, Playfulness, Kindness, Intuition
Pink and Light Blue
Libra Zodiac
Pink and White
Valentine's Day
Imagination, Spirituality, Wisdom, Mystery
Purple and White
Domestic Abuse Awareness
Purple and Yellow
Los Angeles Lakers
Strength, Confidence, Passion, Courage
Red, Black, and White
Red Nose Day, Doctors Without Borders, Alzheimer's Fund
Scarlet and Gold
US Marine Corps
Red and Green
Red,Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
Red and White
Passover, Red Cross, US Coast Guard
Red, White, and Blue
4th of July, American Humane Society, Peace Corps
Happiness,Positivity, Intellect, Perception
Yellow and Black
Refugee Aid,US Army
Purity,Simplicity, Openness, Clarity